Install Big Data Tools (Spark, Zeppelin, Hadoop) in Windows for Learning and Practice

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Are you a Windows/.NET developer and willing to learn big data concepts and tools in your Windows?

If yes, you can follow the links below to install them in your PC. The installations are usually easier to do in Linux/UNIX but they are not difficult to implement in Windows either since they are based on Java.

Installation guides

All the following documents are based on Windows 10. The steps should be the same in other Windows environments though some of the screenshots may be different.

Install Zeppelin 0.7.3 in Windows

Install Hadoop 3.0.0 in Windows (Single Node)

Install Spark 2.2.1 in Windows

Install Apache Sqoop in Windows

Configure Hadoop 3.1.0 in a Multi Node Cluster

Learning tutorials - latest update (2018-05-06)

Use Hadoop File System Task in SSIS to Write File into HDFS
Invoke Hadoop WebHDFS APIs in .NET Core

Write and Read Parquet Files in Spark/Scala

Write and Read Parquet Files in HDFS through Spark/Scala

Convert String to Date in Spark (Scala)

Read Text File from Hadoop in Zeppelin through Spark Context

Connecting Apache Zeppelin to your SQL Server

Load Data into HDFS from SQL Server via Sqoop

Default Ports Used by Hadoop Services (HDFS, MapReduce, YARN)

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