Context Project 1.3.685.0 Released (Email Notification System)

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New Features

  • Function: Added Email Notification System (ENS) to send messages to related stakeholders when a new comment is made on the blog post.

* All the emails will be sent from [Kosmisch.Net Email System] <no-reply[at]>

* This email inbox is not being monitored. Please directly make comment on the web page to reply to the user.

  • Configuration: New configuration section for ENS; added section to configure SMTP for sending emails; added one more Entity Framework database connection string for ENS EF data model.
  • Database: new column [ReplyToBlogPostCommentId] in table [Context].[BlogPostComments]; new table [Context].[EmailMessages] to store all the messages.
  • Solution: added one new project about ENS;
  • Website: added one Email template for ENS; added one new controller EmailController to send emails asynchronously; added new NInject module for ENS data access layer.


  1. Modified the mechanism for comment approving: all the comment will be automatically approved after this release.
  2. Changed the Ajax function of adding comment.

Tech Debts



Now, ContextProject fully supports email notification.

Emails will be sent for below cases:

1) When user posts new comment on one blog post, ENS will send email to the post author.

2) When user adds new comment to the existing comment, ENS will send email to the author of that comment and also BCC the post author.


Click “Reply” button, I can reply to wingyiu specifically:


Then add the comment:


After submitting the comment, ENS will send one email to wingyiu and BCC the author of the post (me).


Then I check my email inbox and can find below Email:


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