In my previous post, I demonstrated how to use ADO.NET to connect to Teradata in your OLTP projects.  In this sample, I am going to implement the same sample
Migrating ASP.NET projects between different versions can be time-consuming: the database schema and the providers library changes overtime. I have been doing
In my previous post, I demonstrated how to migrate from ASP.NET Universal Membership Provider to ASP.NET Identity 2.1.0.
Migration from simple ASP.NET membership provider to ASP.NET Identity is not straightforward. In order to migrate smoothly, we can firstly upgrade to Identity
When upgrading your Entity Framework to Entity Framework 6.1 (EF6) from version 5.0, you may meet a number of issues. I have summarized all the issues I’ve encountered
Creating virtual machine in windows azure is quite straightforward. After logged into the management portal (, you can create one VM within 4 steps.
Visual Studio provides a convenient tool to generate visual code dependencies. It helps to identity circular references issues and also hubs. To learn more details

Surface的用户可能会遇到一个难题,在应用商城里边无法搜索到QQ应用程序。但是让我疑惑的是,我的Windows 8.1 系统之前是成功安装了QQ。


按照如下方法安装Surface QQ.

Have fun!


背景 在诺基亚的Windows Phone 8 手机中,比如920/820/720/620/520等,当你下载商城应用的时候,可能会提示: 需要设置“我的家人”,在购买此项目之前,您必须设置“我的家人”。请让您的家长在windowsphone.com上完成“我的家人”设置。 根本原因是在于,8.0系统中新增了儿童园地功能,这个功能可以让父母为自己的儿女单独设置一个账号,然后选择他们可以使用的应用。所以解决方案有两种,以下一一说明。
背景 在使用Visual Studio Setup项目模版创建Windows Installer项目时,我们有时需要用户输入序列号,同时验证序列号是否正确。在VS Setup模版中,我们往往仅能进行一些简单的验证,如果需要复杂的验证,怎么办呢?这里介绍一种结合Orac以及C++来实现此功能。 Orca Orca是一款编辑Windows



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