Publish Date 2016-01-06 New Features This release doesn’t introduce any new features. All the related modules and packages are updated to the latest version
It’s been a while since the last release. In version 1.5, Entity Framework was upgraded into the latest version EF6.1; IoC container was optimized; more functions
Publish Date 2013-10-13 New Features N/A Modifications 1) In order to resolve performance overhead, all the GUID columns in the schema of Context were removed;
Publish Date 2013-07-14 New Features N/A Modifications Resolved the issue of posting without setting post date in Windows Live Writer. (DateTime.MinValue
Publish Date 2013-05-19 New Features Function: Added Feedback System to allow user add feedback under certain topic. * Contact me via the below link <Contact>.
Publish Date 2013-04-13 New Features Function: Added Email Notification System (ENS) to send messages to related stakeholders when a new comment is made on
Publish Date 2013-03-31 New Features Restructured the solution. Added Routing project to manage all the routes in the website and  provide functions
发布日期 2013-03-17 新增内容 Web UI CSS 新增C#/VB/JScript/HTML的代码段的修饰样式 新增基于XMLRPC的MetaWeblog接口 支持通过Windows Live Writer 发布博客、修改博客等功能 (Slug以及Excerpt由于MetaWeblog的限制,暂未实现,以后版本会陆续增加)
新增内容 无 修改内容 修复数据更新失败Bug (EF文件中数据库版本设置问题) 修复几处页面展示小Bug
项目背景 Context Project是由本站站长Raymond 于2012年开始设计,基于.NET 4.0/ASP.NET MVC 3.0建立的多用户博客程序。本博客吸取了Subtext博客程序的优点,并尽量简化。 开发工具: Visual Studio 2012 数据库: SQL Server 2012(DEV),



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