Kosmisch TechNet Supports OAuth Login with Social Accounts Now

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With Microsoft Owin framework, kosmisch technet now supports login with third party accounts provided by other services, i.e. Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.

In this current release, only Microsoft account users can login and other services will be added in the following releases.  The following steps can guide you to login into Komisch.NET with your Microsoft account.

Step 1 Go to login page

Navigate to site login URL: http://kosmisch.net/Account/LogOn 

Step 2 Click Microsoft Account Button


Click the Microsoft Account button to login.

Step 3 Input your Microsoft account details


Step 4 Grant access to your info


Click Yes button to allow kosmisch.net to get your info, namely, name and email address.

Once you click Yes button, you will be directed to the confirmation page.

Step 5 Confirm your details


Click register button to register with your Microsoft account. You can change your user name as necessary.

Step 6 Setup your kosmisch.net password (optional)

Kosmisch.net also allows you to setup your local password.


Step 7 Done

Once you finish the registration, you have two options to login:

1) Use Microsoft Account



2) Use your local account and password which you setup at kosmisch.net.

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